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Petition for the National Senior Fishing License

FISHERMEN/WOMEN: Please help in our effort to have senior citizens get a National Senior Fishing License by signing this petition! We here at Passport America are very much involved with campers and "RV"ers. Passport America has identified the need to simplify the regulations and reduce the cost associated with fishing in any of the fifty states! Senior Citizens 62 years of age or older should be able to fish without a hassle! We know that many people who love to fish choose not to do so because of the expense of obtaining multiple licenses. The time, cost and hassle involved is a major obstacle standing in the way of an activity that we should encourage: Enjoying the outdoors!

The Original Petition/Bill for Free Fishing for seniors died because of the lack of support from our nations congressmen (minus Bob Ney of Ohio). Our new approach is to work at the state level to get a National Senior Fishing License that will be reasonably priced for all seniors. We respectfully request support from you and your family and friends, that all senior citizens might fish without breaking rules. Please help us simplify the hassles of obtaining a license in every state! If this happened, we estimate that many of America's millions of senior campers would buy this license, and every state would experience increased revenue to support their fish and wildlife agencies. As you know, state budgets are very tight now so they are a willing partner. For everyone who is not currently a senior citizen, check your head for gray, you soon will be.

Thanks for your support,
Ray M Fernandez

As an avid senior citizen fisherman, I have been fortunate to fish in 36 different states, so far. I also am a vendor at numerous RV rallies etc and I have talked with hundreds of RVers that would love to fish as they travel. The hassle and cost has discouraged them. Quite often the subject of a senior license comes up and everyone seems to favor a system to provide it. When I heard about the National Senior License concept, I joined in to help its promotion. Please sign the petition and email it to Passport America or send to Passport America in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Dennis Miller
Fisherman & Lifetime Passport America Member
Livingston, Texas

National (Annual) Senior License Requirements:

1) Through the appropriate fish commission, wildlife conservation office or similar regulatory agency of each participating state, a Senior citizen attaining the age of 62, may purchase an annual universal fishing license which grants fishing privileges in participating states. The Senior citizen must also possess a valid fishing license and any required trout stamps or special "usage fee endorsements or stamps", etc. from his or her home state.

2) The fishing activity shall comply with the regulations and fishing management rules of the state in which the fishing takes place. It shall be the responsibility of the senior to obtain, read and understand these regulations and rules.

3) The cost of the annual senior universal license shall be $50. The fees collected shall be retained by each state’s fishing regulatory agency or commission and be used to offset operating costs.

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